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Listed below are six common dog expressions, their origins and meanings. Please excuse me, I gotta to see a man about a dog. This is the hot, lethargic period between July and September. Way back before central air, dogs would find a cool shady spot to lie down, spending the heat of the day doing nothing, trying to stay cool. Humans would do the same. On a day that is so hot, the air barely moves, a human would sit and fan themselves in an attempt to ward off the sweltering heat of summer.

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The geographic source of this phrase has been debated time and again. No one is sure whether it originated in the Australian outback or the northern reaches of North America with the Eskimos. The meaning, however, is quite clear. The phrase is a rudimentary nightly temperature gauge. Dogs huddled with humans at night for the warmth. On really cold nights, three dogs were called into the bed to keep the owner from freezing to death.

Andy Warhol explained the phrase by saying that everyone will have their fifteen minutes of fame. This is an older reference to doing something without announcing it. It was used widely during the prohibition years to refer to buying or consuming alcohol. First quote being in by British poet Henry Vaughn, it was again used a year later by playwright Richard Brome. No one is certain whether this quote originated with Norse mythology; Odin was the god of storms and attended by dogs and wolves.

Sailors often credited him with rain. Or Medieval mythology, witches often took cats as their familiars and rode through the air, even during storms. And my doctor. My land lord attorney wants to know where that Act came from. And by whom. My next court day is June I would like. To know if my landlord can evict me although I have all my legal paper for my emotional support dog.

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I live in an off campus student housing complex. I provided all the documents I was asked for. You can ask for a formal denial via email or certified mail. If you feel that you have been discriminated against, you can file a complaint to the HUD. I live in a condominium that has a policy of no pets.

My son and granddaughter both have emotional service animals.

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Your manager cannot deny your emotional support animals living with you just because their rules forbid animals. Can an apartment complex limit the size and weight of my ESA dog? The lease says under twenty pounds, but my ESA is a Lab. Emotional support animals cannot be denied due to age, breed, or size.

Hi there, We just moved in to our new rental. The apartment let us bring our cats, but my therapist just recommended I get an emotional support animal. We have a dog in mind that is pretty well trained already, and she is a pit.


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If you are afraid of confronting your landlord in person, you can email them with your request and ESA documents. I submitted my request as well as the letter from my doctor recommending my ESA to my landlord two days ago and the landlord has not responded or replied to my request. How long does the landlord have to acknowledge and respond to the request? We suggest emailing your documents to your landlord so that you can prove that you have submitted the correct paperwork. I fly a lot. As I approached BWI airport yesterday to go to the Spirit counter, there was a sign on the doors that enter the airport.

A large sized Police officer who was previously seen when I entered the airport chatting away with two men who appeared to work at the airport, left the men to randomly select me to harass. I was asked if I had service dogs and I stated no. The officer told me did I not see the signs on the door that stated my animals had to be put into a carrier? I said I am disabled and I cannot carry carriers. I informed the officer that I can put the dogs on my lap in which I usually do when I receive my ordered wheelchair.

I told the officer that it was impossible for me to carry carriers with my dogs in them. At this point I had enough, so I told this officer that I am also a retired officer who was injured on duty. I saw another dog and owner, but this officer did not approach them. In closing, I felt like I was singled out and definitely harassed. I did not want to miss my plane and I did not have time to take pics of the signs and obtain officer information I really regret that. We are sorry to hear about your poor experience at the airport.

As a disabled person, you are not required to place your ESA in a carrier. You can call the disability department at the DOT — Again, she was very nice and is checking in with corporate for us, but is there anything I can do? My property manager has requested additional paperwork, which is fine. However, in the email I received it stated that kittens are never accommodated due to the damage they can make before being spayed.

Is is legal to set qualifiers on the animals that are usually only in place because of the Pet Policies? Emotional support animals cannot be denied due to age, weight or breed if it does not cause undue financial harm to the landlord.

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Can low income apartments require an emotional support dog to be fixed if they are not old enough to be fixed yet? I have a question, I live in an apartment complex about 10 apartments. The property manager lives in one of them. I have sent my letter saying I require an ESA from my therapist of 8 years. I have sent them the letter and they have required me to sent them a certificate. Do I need this for my cat? My girlfriend has an ESA and lives with me in my apartment but she is not currently on the lease.

Our landlord found out and said that the dog has to be removed. I have a 5 year old 60 lb pit boxer mix I got for my 7 year old. We already brought the dog home after we got the letter.

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My son is extremely attache to him. I live in government housing. Can they evict? Can they deny the dog being here? Can they refuse us to have him all together? Your landlord should provide an answer within a reasonable amount of time.


They cannot evict or refuse your ESA if you have the correct documentation and the animal is under your control. They requested further information that I have since provided but now want to fine me 1, for having the ESA on the property during the application process. New renters signed a lease. No animals.

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They have now brought in another adult with a dog. I had them asked for a small deposit and a small monthly fee. What are my rights please. I live in in a condo development and I emailed a letter from my psychiatrist along with copies of certificates of my 2 service dogs to the management. Because when I bought this condo the development was completely pet friendly. Now they made few restrictions where the dogs can not go , for e. The management replied to me, that our boardwalk is not a public place, that they have their own rules.

Is it considered to be a discrimination? My mental health therapist is suggesting that I get a emotional support dog. I bought a small condo 8 months ago. Hi, I rent an apartment in a condo complex that has a Board or Trustees to oversee things for the building.