The Best Wine Ever

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The Oldest Bottle of Wine in the World

History often does more than make great tasting wine and just what is the best bottle of wine you will ever drink worth to you? The record for most expensive single bottle of wine ever sold goes to an vintage, it is considered by many to be the finest wine of the century. In the animated hit Ratatouille, feared critic Anton Ego visits Gusteau's, the restaurant in which the movie is set, and orders a bottle of Despite the plethora of great wine being made around the planet, France still has many of the best. We asked 25 sommeliers about the greatest wines they've ever tried, the most memorable sips and best bottles they've enjoyed.

Here's what.

Sothebys just sold the five most expensive bottles of wine ever

The earliest archaeological evidence of wine produced from grapes, has been found at sites in.. Lebanon is among the oldest sites of wine production in the world. Some of France's best butter and cheese, for example, is now made from. The aging of wine is potentially able to improve the quality of wine. This distinguishes wine from.

Another legendary wine from DRC makes an appearance. In all of Wine-Searcher's collected scores and notes from various critics, it's hard to find a subpar score which naturally translates to a very respectable aggregate of 96 points. Bordeaux, pull your bootstraps up — with only two wines making this list, Burgundy is truly trumping it when it comes to critic scores.

Most Expensive Bottle of Wine Ever Was Just Sold at Sotheby's - Thrillist

And you're hardly sacrificing on name with Petrus recognized the world over as Pomerol's most significant estate. So, there you have it, buy Bordeaux. Rounding up our list, also with 96 points is Thorevilos from David Abreu who has worked on the likes of Harlan Estate and Screaming Eagle.

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His wines now occupy cult status in their own right and the Thorevilos has received more than one point score over various vintages. Now if you're thinking this is just going to be another uppity, unobtainable Napa Valley wine, think again.

So go on, treat yourself to one of the best wines in the world. Sign in. The World's Best Wines. Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon , Napa Valley Screeching into seventh place is a regular on our listicles,with a score of 96 points.

The World's Best Wines

Petrus , Pomerol Bordeaux, pull your bootstraps up — with only two wines making this list, Burgundy is truly trumping it when it comes to critic scores. To join the conversation, comment on our social media channels. Recent Stories View All.

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