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We are incredibly grateful to all those who have already helped and all those who are planning to give. The dog in these extremely disturbing images is alive. Earlier this week, a Good Samaritan called Animal Control after finding Layla standing in an alleyway, tethered to a cord that led to her backyard.

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Our veterinarians sent her on a transport to a partnering Franky Fund hospital for emergency care and surgery. Just like you, we are angry, horrified and heartbroken. We never get immune to seeing this kind of abuse. Her case is one of the worst, if not the worst and most disturbing, embedded collar situations we have ever seen.

It is unthinkable to imagine what kind of person would allow this to happen to such a beautiful and loving creature. We understand that it is difficult to read about injured and abused animals, and we thank each and every one of you who support our shelter and allow us to share the real stories and cases we see. Together, we can be a loud voice to stop abuse and build a more humane Baltimore.

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Because we have to—we have to do better for dogs like Layla. Florie had been living a nightmare. When she came to us, she was severely emaciated and had a rubber band wrapped so tightly around her muzzle that it had severed in several places. Our hearts broke at the sight of this poor girl who, despite everything, wanted nothing more than to be loved. Now, we are excited to share that, after a few months of recovery, Florie has gone to her forever home!

She is gaining weight and her doggie personality is emerging. She is so sweet and listens well. We ran into a neighbor who met Florie the first weekend she was with us, and she just asked if we had gotten another rescue—she literally did not recognize the transformed Florie as the same dog!

Last night, Baltimore City Animal Control officers responded to a call about a little dog that had been abandoned on a front stoop. When officers arrived, they found Florie walking slowly up the street, dragging her pink leash behind her.

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The officer could see right away that something was terribly wrong with Florie. Her muzzle was infected, and she couldn't open her mouth. A resident in the neighborhood told the officer that poor Florie was abandoned the night before after being tied to a nearby gate. Florie was taken immediately to one of BARCS' partnering emergency clinics, where it was discovered that she had a rubber band wrapped twice, very tightly, around her mouth.

The band was embedded so far into her skin that it had completely severed parts of her muzzle. Based on the severity of her wounds and how emaciated she was, the clinic determined that Florie has been living this nightmare for a long time. Florie has suffered cruelty and abandonment at the hands of the people she trusted to take care of her and love her unconditionally.

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Why anyone would want to restrict a dog from their natural behaviors of communicating or eating is unimaginable to us. We have vowed to Florie that we will make this better. We are working closely with our Franky Fund partner clinics on a treatment plan to save her life. At this time, we are expecting multiple surgeries and intensive care. It is also a possibility that Florie could lose her muzzle in the future. If you can help, please donate below. Florie has seen the worst of humanity, but all of us at BARCS, along with our friends at Animal Control--who have an open investigation on this case--are determined to show her the best.

Sweet Florie, you deserve the world and more, and we promise you nothing short of that for the rest of your days. There are humans who will treat you as family, and keep your needs close to their heart. Once you are fully healed, we are going to find them for you. Thank you for trusting us in what will be a long journey. With increased donations, we can save more and more animals— which is why they need you. Your gift today will give an injured pet a second chance, so that they may never live another day without medical care, shelter and, most importantly, love.

This in-house fund provides ongoing medical care for all of our shelter animals, including antibiotics, vaccinations, testing and spay and neuter surgery. Named after Franky, a special puppy who was the first recipient of care through this fund, the Franky Fund provides outside emergency and specialized medical care to homeless animals in need. Animals requiring critical assessment and immediate lifesaving treatment are sent to partnering veterinary hospitals to evaluate and treat them at a lower cost to BARCS.

BARCS has so many wonderful animals that need new homes. Even a small donation will make a BIG difference! Donations large and small can help a young puppy that needs special medication or help a cat get the immediate care that it needs to get adopted.

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Your year end, tax-deductible gift will help pay the adoption fee of an animal in our shelter so that they find a forever home. This special group is for people who understand that they aren't just providing support--they are saving lives.

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Getting married? You may benefit from income and capital gains tax savings when you establish a planned gift.

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This designation often allows the donor to make a considerable legacy gift. Careful planning is necessary in the use of IRAs and other retirement plans to fund charitable gifts, so please contact your tax advisor. You will receive an application in the mail which should be completed and returned to the above address and you will receive your new plate in weeks. Please make sure you include your address if the address on your check is not current. Caring for our animals requires a lot of time, love, money and supplies.

You can also donate items from our Amazon Wish List. Just jump or double jump over the rolling logs and use your somersault to go quickly under the bouncing logs. Once at the top, kill the Lurker controlling the cannon and you'll be given a Power Cell. With the Cannon now in your power, use it to destroy the steel crates in the large room with the Dark Eco pool in it to get some more Precursor Orbs.

Open the castle door by channeling some Blue Eco and enter the large room where the two heroes first encountered the Dark gooey stuff. When you enter this room, you'll get ambushed by a bunch of Lurkers. Just make sure you get the Red Eco whenever it appears so you can kill those club-wielding Lurkers with a single hit and it won't take too long to kill all of them. Once you've done all this and survived, some steps will appear leading you up to the Dark Eco pit. Just go up those stairs and work your way up to the Power Cell behind it.

Destroy The Balloon Lurkers If you head on the bridges next to the Lurker Ship without the rolling logs or head in the area to the right of where you first see the Sculptor's Muse, you will find the A-Grav Zoomer. Jump in it and use it to fly around above the water and destroy the Lurkers riding the Balloon machines. The only trick here is to fly into the Lurkers and not those big spiked balls with your Zoomer to destroy them when they're flying close to the water -- they'll fly up in the air, but they'll eventually come back down to allow you to take them out.

Once you've destroyed all six, you can collect the Power Cell by going to the area inside of the Lurker Ship. Use Zoomer To Reach Power Cell Just head to the wooden planks in the middle of the water where you must use the Zoomer to defeat the Balloon Lurkers and work your way up to the top of it and jump off the end of the ledge that leads to the Power Cell using the L1 or R1 button to get to it.

Easy as pie. It's sitting on the top of a ledge in the water. To get this one, you must go to the area where you see a high ledge with a Blue Eco energy ball on it with another one right down below.

Go get the one on the high ledge first, then hop down to get the one down below and quickly run towards where you see the Blue Eco platform that you need to turn on. If you get there in time, the platform will turn on and you can jump on it to take you to the ledge with the Power Cell on it. Free 7 Scout Flies 1. You'll find one Scout Fly in the area around where you're chasing the Sculptor's Muse.